Where were you dancing to Copacabana? – project me day 655

Don’t tell me you didn’t do it! I don’t think there’s anyone out there (younger generation listening to Bieber, not included) who didn’t find themselves dancing to Barry Manilow’s Copacabana at some point in their lives.

I shamelessly loved Barry Manilow and it’s one of my fondest memories that bonded us as a family. Okay, everyone except my dad. If my memory serves me correctly, my oldest sister was even the head of SA’s Barry Manilow fanclub.

The weekends turns Talk 702 radio into solid gold moments that bring back memories from different parts of my life and this weekend was no different.
I’m a car dancer … I do the whole bopping of the head, shaking of the shoulders and tapping on the dashboard. Summer is always best because the windows can be down and the music blaring out my open windows. I’m shameless about that too and don’t even mind being caught listening to Shirley Bassey or The Carpenters.

I loved the Copa moment today because it took me back to when the song was remixed and we were all dancing to it in clubs all over town. Who would have ever thought. All of a sudden it was acceptable to be caught dancing to a Manilow song … and I used to dance! I would climb onto the speakers at the or a table and totally throw my name away to Copa …

Today, it made me smile. It made me think of the innocence of growing up and thinking that it was totally cool to love the Manilow. It made me think of when I danced myself silly until the sun came up and I lived for the weekends and the next jol. It reminded me that my youth was carefree and toes tappingly good, but that some things never change … at the Copa!!

So, where were you toe tapping to the Manilow … and don’t dare tell me you weren’t!


With courage, consciousness & a sense of humour



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