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Not without my Patrick – project body week 2

For a girl who hides behind food as the comfort too when things change, it’s been one hell of a week. There have been so many changes and umpteen reasons to eat. Then there are the reasons not to and most of them come in the form of someone else. The someones like my mother…



Weigh-in and water aerobics – Project Body Week 1

I’m sure the excitement will begin to seep through as this blog continues, but considering it’s nearly 8pm and I’ve been anticipating this all day I’m going to get the ‘big’ stuff over with first. Project Body has been long anticipated for me and all of a sudden it’s here. I was doing swimmingly well…


Little dragonfea and big storms

Little Dragonfae and Big Storms – project me day 405

What happens when it’s that sink or swim moment? What do you do with it? I usually buckle down and force on more work, but it seems Miss Universe helped with a little intervention and turned my unconscious pattern of survival into an adventurous day that just might have had more impact than even I…



Beauty Worx sponsors project me – project me day 324

I don’t think I’ve ever shared my mother’s dry sense of humour with you. She has this extremely quick whit and says thing that would usually mortify or completely offend someone, yet everyone rolls around in stitches. Needless to say, when the team from Regim A asked how I was doing my mother informed them…