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Christmas in July – project me day 566

It’s taken long enough for me to have faith in the GPS and … oh wait, I did redirect myself to a route I was more familiar with on more than one occasion while heading out to the breakfast I was guest speaker at. Do any of you remember the old day when I was so freaked…



#D500: Beyond words – project me day 501

Although I spend my life blogging thousands of words a day and Twitter might be limited to 120 characters but the possibility is endless, there are times when a picture truly does paint a thousand words. I can’t begin to express my gratitude to everyone who embraced the excitement of my 500 days of blogging…


Jodene day 499

A tribute to my sponsors – project me day 499

A part of me can’t believe that I am writing my 499th post and other part of me can feel every moment of every word that has been typed. Sometimes I can’t live without it and other times I can’t believe I ever started it. Today I had a mini primary school reunion. A part…


I caught the bouquet

I caught the bouquet – project me day 410

I’m exhausted after a day that turned out to be more magical than I ever imagined it could be. I can’t believe that my little sis is married and I am thrilled to say that it was one of the most beautiful weddings I’ve ever been too … AND I caught the bouquet. World, meet…



Beauty Worx sponsors project me – project me day 324

I don’t think I’ve ever shared my mother’s dry sense of humour with you. She has this extremely quick whit and says thing that would usually mortify or completely offend someone, yet everyone rolls around in stitches. Needless to say, when the team from Regim A asked how I was doing my mother informed them…


Welcome to the family Saphirah

You know you need a holiday when – project me day 315

I can’t believe it’s one more sleep and I will be on holiday at the sea. You do know that I didn’t pay much attention in school and don’t exactly know the difference between the sea and ocean? That’s not a question that needs answering because I’m sure not to remember … merely a statement.…


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The good back – project me day 306

Without getting overly excited, I am totally excited. I had as close to a normal day as I have had in ages. Without getting overly excited, I am feeling like I’m back … the good back and not the cranky, sore back! I woke up with the usual pinch in my butt, but I couldn’t…