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Traveling with a hundred hearts – Project Me post 1071

My clothes are all scattered on the fold out couch, important papers tucked in with my passport and airline ticket and sleeps are less than a handful before my #NYtoDallas becomes a reality. 11 months in the planning and being the girl who turned my passion for social media into a career, I haven’t been…


Tris AKA CreaTwit & Ash AKA Legit Twit Assist with me, The Social Twit

Let go, toughen up, get a life – project me post 1030

I have about 25 unattended emails, have just negotiated sleep time rules with my twin nephews & can still hear pottering around the room, boiled the kettle twice and haven’t hugged my cats yet … but everything has been getting in the way of my blogging. Actually everything has been getting in the way of…


Our base for most of the trip is Delft, living with our treasure friend, Eddie!

A magical trip to the Netherlands – Project Me post 1026

You know that nagging feeling that you have just forgotten to do something … or mention something. Sometimes it’s a small that didn’t really make a difference, but other times it’s pretty huge … Like I leave for the Netherlands on tomorrow. Minor detail! Major excitement! Greggie has a dear friend, Eddie, who I took…


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#MoneyMagic with @Fairygodmother – project me week 5

You can’t box life. That’s what these 5 weeks of this online #moneymagic course with Donna McCallum AKA Fairy Godmother is confirming for me. It’s been another week of fascinating realisations and building onto the foundation of my relationship with money, but at the same time life is throwing me some interesting situations. While this…