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Makeup,boys and Twits – project me day 621

I’m the first to admit that this blog has been a bit blah of late but tonight I got a whole lot of smiling to do. I know my best friend is somewhere between Seattle and San Francisco at this very moment so I’m not even sure if he will be reading this. I don’t…


project me week 3

When the body says ‘no’ – project body week 3

Once again, I’m always thrilled about the truth of my fears that I speak so that when these things actually occur I’m not saying that I promised I thought that or wished I had mentioned something else. We all have our own pattern of sabotage and for some reason I decided to make my journey…


are you gonna kiss me or not

Are you gonna kiss me or not? – project me day 535

Like having country music in common wasn’t a sign from the get go? I’ve heard this song 100 times and even posted it on Facebook and Tweeted because it as one of my faves: We were sittin’ up there on your momma’s roof Talkin’ bout everything under the moon With the smell of honeysuckle and…


project me day 511

Food for thought – project me day 511

The standard ‘project me’ joke is that I say I don’t complain often (but I do) and it’s going to be a short blog (but it never is). So tonight I’m going to try not complain, but fok it’s cold. Keeping it short might be on the cards because I’ve had a very offish day!…


Jodene day 499

A tribute to my sponsors – project me day 499

A part of me can’t believe that I am writing my 499th post and other part of me can feel every moment of every word that has been typed. Sometimes I can’t live without it and other times I can’t believe I ever started it. Today I had a mini primary school reunion. A part…