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Looking out onto 2012 – project me post 913

I’m sitting alone at home on the eve of the new year and despite it being an ending I didn’t anticipate, I can’t help but be totally overwhelmed with gratitude and pride about 2012. I keep on having to go back in the history of the blog or flip through photographs on Facebook to remind myself…


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A moment to pause and reflect – project me post 901

I have a bit of time before I have to head upstairs and get dressed for the final #FollowSA event for the year and I’m feeling all proud so I wanted to share instead of letting it ramble around alone in my head. Tonight is our first collaboration event between Peace Starts and FollowSA where…


With Miss Earth founder Catherine & Peace Starts founder Cito and of course ... Greggie

#Peacestarts within – project me post 877

I love trying to focus on certain days and ask myself if I will remember where I was at that particular moment. We usually remember times like where we where when the second plane hit the second tower on September 11th. I was working for my mom then and I remember my dad come flying…


Rising Star

My rising star moment – project me post 857

Look at me!!! Okay, between us, because we’re so close, I’ll share with you that I was in my pajamas for this pic. Isn’t it amazing what a little foundation, eyeliner and lipstick can do? Honestly, today I have been a combination of exhausted and excited, which has almost left me dizzy and despite it…


The #Jozi #FollowSA committee collecting blankets for #TBDZA

My first committee – project me day 840

  Milestones! Miracles! Magical moments! Those happen so often and take for granted just how very big they are. Today was one of them. With #FollowSA communities across the country collecting blankets for the #TBDZA and today the #Jozi team gathered on my couches and started to bring it all to life. Meet them:  @ohgodknows,…