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When we set goals, we look for external signs from life that we are on the right track and if the time frame that we set has passed or we did not receive the signs we asked for, then we give up on those goals and totally forget why we even set them in the first place.

Sadly, the need for change is usually shown to us in the package of frustration, unhappiness, self sabotage, depression, to name a few, which only pushes us further into the chaos and the fear of change. Hopefully, we eventually have no choice but do something, ANYTHING, to get back on track and moving towards our life purpose.

I have taken years to acknowledge my patterns of sabotage and put equal effort into awakening the joys of my life purpose and watched myself blossom into the abundantly fulfilled person I am today. Yet, there have always been the shadows of a stranger who lingers within my personal relationship with self.

As 2009 drew to a close and I anticipated the changes, new ventures and continued frustrations that I carried from one year to the next, I decided to commit myself to “Project Me” for the year of 2010. A year focused on having fun, being happy and conscious, and manifesting the life I know I am capable of creating. Yet, I knew that it was only possible if I focused less on living each day looking for the signs and trying to achieve goals.

I chose to blog my ‘project’ on a daily basis for the full 356 days because I am aware that we are all strangers to ourselves to some degree or another. I have seen the impact of watching a movie or hearing the story of someone else’s life and know the ways it gave me the opportunity to meet more of myself.

The teacher, friend, mothering energy and nurturing companion in me rose to the occasion and chose to share my journey, in the hope that others would see glimmers of their beautiful selves and create their own ‘project me’ years, that in turn will become the fulfillment and abundance of a happy life overflowing with purpose.

My life journey has helped me emerge as and inspirational  writer, business owner and speaker who uses my personal story of how I turned my life from depressive, mundane and fearful into one of living my dreams and blossoming into the abundantly happy and successful woman I is today.

With humour, truth and encouragement, I share her adventures of growth, change, realisation and awakening which led to a personal project that everyone should be encouraged to participate in. One that is all about the individual and learning that life is personally created with the main ingredients being truth, consciousness and fun.

If you would like more information or to book Jodene for this talk please contact me.

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