ARCHIVES November 2011

Hug yourself

Hug yourself – project me day 697

That’s all I’ve wanted to do all day! It’s a whirlwind of a day and this is still yesterday’s blog. Later today I’m going to share the experience of the amazing #followsa #downdown2011 event, but right now I’m catching my breath ¬†… okay, that’a a lie! I’m catching up on Tweets, phone calls of thanks…


project me day 695

Valuable lesson, tough teacher – project me day 695

Don’t justify! Don’t defend yourself! Don’t let anyone make you doubt yourself! Don’t retaliate! Don’t give them the¬†satisfactions! Don’t forget just how hard you have worked to earn your place in the world … or in the social media sphere! Wow, that a tough and emotional weekend. On the real and energy worth investing side…