Priceless – project me day 635

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I’ve tried to add an image to my blog thru the blackberry, wordpres app … but it didn’t work. So I had to copy my post to and gmail it to my mom’s laptop then email the image and do the post while she generously stepped aside …

I’m going even more nuts without a laptop but one thing we know about me is that an obstacle becomes my greatest driving force and I’m now on a mission to prove my worth for sponsorship through my Social media influence. I’m thinking the fact that the real Arnold Schwarzenegger follows me might help ;p

But this moment is about the present Mr Unexpected  came home with yesterday and the reminder that some gifts are priceless. He wished he could buy me more or spend more on me.
I remember the day my dad bought me my sword for my alter. He had rolled his eyes a few days before when I said it was to be my next purchase and by the weekend he had sourced and bought it.
This gift has the same energy. When I smudged the house witj sage after the break-in and told my man that I had posted a dragon to stand guard at each door he also rolled his eyes. Just as my dad had done, his gift of acceptance of my ways was beyond words.

I know I can be a little strange but the acknowledgement of my beliefs and the gift of this dragon makes it priceless …

With courage, consciousness & a sense of humour
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Family time – project me day 634

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Short and sweet! It’s the Jewish New Year and I love the way our family all join together and eat. Yes, we always over cater and we promise we won’t celebrate the second night, but we do.

Times are tense because we are in the midst of sorting out the claims for the break in and the gate still isn’t fixed because our landlords are tossers. I hate leaving my mom at home but I still have to carry on … so it’s been great that the Jewish holidays have had my sisters and brother floating in and out.

It’s been another over the top dinner and we are now moving onto ice cream. The cat is chasing a torch light on the wall. The parrot is calling the cat and sneezing. My nephews are shining the torch and making the cat dizzy while I search for names to call my nephew’s bearded dragon that they are going to get soon.

Still searching for someone to thin I’m worthy of a laptop!!

With courage, consciousness & a sense of humour
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Ice cream and Blackberry – project me day 633

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I’ve just come back from sitting at the car wash with Mr Unexpected and eating ice cream, which I thought was totally romantic. For a little while there are always moments that troubles are forgotten and the world seems perfect.

So the sponsored laptop wasn’t insured. There’s no trying to even figure all the pieces out because what’s done is done. It’s no secret that I’m living the dream but not turning it into enough cash to have the luxury of replacing the laptop. It’s also no secret that I’m not a great believer in everything falling into your lap just because a couple of books on laws of attraction say it’s that easy.

I hate that I can’t blog for long because I don’t have a laptop but I also know that my manifestations and riches come in many spectacular ways. I will get a laptop because I have worked hard to be supported in the sponsorship of one. I will, in the meantime, be so grateful for my hardworking Blackberry that is doing its utmost to keep me as in touch with the world as possible.

Today I was accused on not returning the social support from FollowSA because I have not been online and able to retweet someone else’s campaign. At first I was mortified that anyone would think that of me and I began to apologise. It didn’t take me long to realise that a lot of my lesson this year are going to be about toughening up. I stopped apologising and went on to realise that people need to support each other because they want to and not because they want anything in return!

So tonight is the first night of the Jewish New Year and we are off to my sister’s. My mom is devastated with the amount she misses my dad and I can’t blame her after the break in and the fact that we are on the move again … and for a moment I ate ice cream with the man that I love a little more each day and I tweeted our ice cream romance … and I was reminded that my world is perfect!

With courage, consciousness & a sense of humour
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On the move again – project me day 632

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I hope my blogs don’t have to be short and sweet for too long because I’ve realised just how much I find comfort in my blogging. I missed blogging on the weekend even though it was chaotic and it felt so good sitting down and hearing myself think aloud.

Not having a laptop is crazy so I’m just keeping a positive attitude that something happens to help me out. I have put it out there on Twitter and asked a few friends to see if they have contacts but a part of me also hates having to ask so it’s very interesting that I would be dealing with a loss of something I need to be who I am.

Anyway … we have decided to move house! The landlord wasn’t prepared to increase the security and the second we showed signs of being unsure they let us off the lease and there have been estate agents here already.

A move will be scary on many levels because we have to do the double deposit thing and pay for movers when times are already tough. The more interesting part is that it was one thing for Mr Unexpected to sleep over one night and not leave but now we are off house hunting together … now isn’t that something!

I have to admit that I feel a bit like deer in the headlights right now and I haven’t managed to get much done today. A mobile phone really can’t take the place of a laptop and my head is worried about security seeing as though there have been electrical faults in this house for ages and the gate was taken off the hinges by the robbers. I have been nervous to leave my mom alone while the gate is standing wide open and the alarm is working properly … wow, doesn’t it just sound like such a drama?


With courage, consciousness & a sense of humour
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Stolen from but not robbed – project me day 631

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I’m going to make this short considering I am trying not to get too dramatic about my birthday weekend that ended up being one I wouldn’t like to repeat in a hurry.

It goes a little something like this! My amazing man gave me a beautiful bottle of perfume in the early hours of my birthday morning. Mom had slept out so I got my phone call with happy birthday wishes and she told me she would be home in a few hours. I still wouldn’t see her because we were heading out to my long awaited birthday night at the luxurious Mount Grace Country House and Spa.

The 1 and a bit hour drive was awesome but the arrival at the hotel was even better. The second I walked in the door I was greeted with birthday wishes from all the staff! Whoever helped us or saw us knew it was my special day and I was beyond excited for a dream night (our first night away as a new couple).

I’ve never been one to switch off my phone, no matter how I know I need some time out. I have always worried that someone might need me and I know it might be a little neurotic but that’s me. I did put the phone on silent though and only checked the phone once … when a gorgeous plate of chocolates and fruit were delivered to our luxury suite. I grabbed the opportunity to check the phone and there was the strangest message from my brother asking why Mr Unexpected had left his car in the middle of the road and left the gate to the house wide open.

I knew it … house broken in to!
They must have seen the signage on my man’s car and knew not to take it so they moved it out the way and stole mom’s car instead. They took both mine and Mr Unexpected’s laptops, the flat screen TV that was the last gift we gave my dad and all mine and my mom’s jewelry.

For my international friends who have shown their love and concern … no, they most probably won’t catch the guys and NO, nothing will be returned. That is the reality of SA. Not one that I’m thrilled about but it’s the reality. Yes, I’ve counted my blessings and it’s amazing that my mother wasn’t home because she is always home on the weekends. They also closed the door behind them and my kitties and parrot are both safe. My sister drove past the house and saw Mr Unexpected’s car in the middle of the road and thought he was moving it out the way so I could take my car out … Thank the gods she didn’t come in to check!

So … I’ve counted my blessings and although I was stolen from I was robbed of nothing. I have spent the past few days feeling so lucky that no one was home, my pets are safe and that we didn’t come home to tragedy …

Now I’m entitled to be honest and vent for a moment! I can’t believe that we are so accustomed to getting robbed that when the amazing staff of the Mount Grace got the call, they could all empathise on some level and welcomed us back whenever we are ready. The warmest thank you to Clayton Howard and his staff for personally meeting with me and wishing me on my safe journey home … although I was in your company for a fleeting moment it was on that I will never forget.

I couldn’t believe that when I tweeted it everyone told me that I should be lucky no one was hurt … I couldn’t believe that it sits so much in our psyche to be stolen from that we have slipped into the next best auto mode of being lucky everyone is alive.

No one should be stolen from!! It should not be the norm … and no, I don’t know where I’m going with this or what I expect to be done about it! All I know is that it was heritage day and I am very proudly South African. I refuse to blame a nation for the one or two thieves that invaded my home. I never talk politics and maybe because I feel like it’s pissing in the wind … but I could blame a whole lot now!!

I’m not going to pretend that I’m not upset that some material things were taken … the perfume my man just gave me a few hours before, my D & G watch that my mom gave me knowing I always wanted to own 1 thing from them, my ring my mom just gave me for my birthday the night before, the flat screen TV that was the last gift we gave my dad (yes, I said that) … and my laptop!

It’s crazy to try blog off my phone! It’s crazy to try function off my phone! It’s crazy that I got that sponsorship not so long ago and it’s crazy that I’m back at square one in need of a laptop!

Yes, we are all safe … Yes, I was stolen from … Yes, I’ve counted my blessing … Yes, I was robbed of nothing I can’t replace … Yes, I’m pissed off and don’t know what the hell to do about it!

On a special note … thank you to the Twitter and Facebook communities for your incredible birthday wishes and support as my weekend went mad.

Another special thank you to my family for rallying together and making the rest of my birthday weekend so special.

The biggest thank you to my beautiful man for making me feel so safe, keeping me smiling and reminding me that love grows when times are rough … I’ve truly found my cowboy!

With courage, consciousness & a sense of humour
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