ARCHIVES February 2011

project me the kings speech

The King and I – project me day 424

In the ten or so years of having a very special bond with my bipolar friend, she has never had an extremely bad episode. While I was recovering from my back injury, she was in her space. We have such a treasured understanding that I know she needs to hide away from the world (or…


project me wheat flour

More than just an afternoon nap – project me day 423

Admittedly, I’ve felt crappy for days. Damn, now I have to explain myself! There is a line of diabetes in my family, so I really shouldn’t be messing around with how I eat considering I’ve been diagnosed with a pretty high level of something. I don’t know how it all works but I do know…



Why? – project me day 422

I don’t know if you’ve ever woken up in excruciating pain from a calf that’s decided to go into spasm. That was my wake up call this morning and I did everything in my power not to burst out cry and start screaming in agony … it was that sore. After it settled, the reality must…


project me brainy ideas

Damn these brainy ideas – project me day 418

Today I feel speechless. I don’t know what to say about myself except WTF?? I’m wondering why I didn’t get the little girl dream of getting married and having kids by the age of 24. Not that I haven’t seen that be an incredible dream for so many. But for some reasons, when I was…