ARCHIVES November 2010

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Bedtime no stories – project me day 320

We fly home tomorrow after such a special holiday at the coast. Besides the constant wind that didn’t stop blowing for a week, we managed to fit so many precious moments into a week. That’s all for tomorrow’s blog though because it’s early to rise tomorrow and we have to pack up and be at…


The secret to a great omelette is ...

Cooking weather – project me day 318

It’s not exactly coastal holiday weather so there has been a lot of indoor time and the three of us plus the two doggies have had to occupy ourselves without killing each other. At least the dogs have tennis balls to chew on and feet to lie on, but the three humans had a little…


Welcome to the family Saphirah

You know you need a holiday when – project me day 315

I can’t believe it’s one more sleep and I will be on holiday at the sea. You do know that I didn’t pay much attention in school and don’t exactly know the difference between the sea and ocean? That’s not a question that needs answering because I’m sure not to remember … merely a statement.…


My spaciously gorgeous room for the night

Sleep over at 93 on Jan Smuts – project me day 314

It’s taken me well over 24 hours to recover from my little break away from reality at 93 on Jan Smuts. It’s literally down the drag from my house, but packing a little overnight back and leaving my laptop in another location was beyond exciting. The team of 93 haven’t ever known me without back…


project me by the sea

This time next week – project me day 311

I can’t sit for very long, so writer’s block is not ideal at the moment. I don’t think it’s a block as much as a little bit of apathy and a lot of exhaustion.  It’s hard to believe how exhausting it is to stay positive and keep focused. It’s also a little hectic having to fake so…