What if no one is right?

TweetIf it’s raining in July, in Joburg, maybe we should head into this day tearing out the pages of life’s rule book because, just maybe, anything is possible!! Google it … it should be dry season! Don’t Google it … figure out what you should do all on your own, despite the streams of advice…


Reach For A Dream Slipper Day

Reach For A Dream #SlipperDay?

TweetI have the cutest pair of Tigger slipper … wait, I’ll show you. I proudly wear them through winter, around the house. They haven’t been out for public viewing, but #SlipperDay is a month away, on the 7th of August and I’m thinking … Granted, I don’t have offices of my own yet, so I…



Yes, Humans Can Hibernate

TweetI’m a 4:30am, get up and go, kinda girl. Well, in summer I’m that, but this winter I was more like a wake up and snuggle with the cats until the birds let me know it’s warm enough to get out of bed. Amazingly, I still wake up before 5am through the whole of winter…



Teardrop in the Changing Room

TweetRetail therapy. I had no clue what that meant, as the fat girl. There’s nothing therapeutic about standing in a changing room, under cruel lights and truthful mirrors. I didn’t do retail therapy when I needed to have that girlie outlet, I did binge eating. Each time I needed a pick me up, I ate,…



My Dining Out Zomato Adventures

TweetWith all the exciting changes I have made to my blog and to my life, over the past few months, it’s certainly time for me to start talking about my secret love for food, wine and travel … oh and don’t forget the bubbly. Well, it’s not so secret. I just haven’t dedicated any writing…


Jodene Tanaz

Purple Hair! Don’t Care!

TweetWhen I was in high school, I nearly got my ass kicked out. Well, I did get booted home before the first lesson even began and was told not to return until I had changed my hair colour away from bright purple. Anything would be allowed, as long as it was natural brown, black or…